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“People start to heal the moment they feel heard” (Cheryl Richardson)

Trauma Recovery coaching

Attention! I don’t currently take clients as a trauma coach.

What is Trauma Recovery Coaching?

Trauma Recovery Coach is one very good way to help yourself on the journey from trauma to healing.

About me

I’ll be a licensed Trauma Recovery Coach soon. I’m also a trauma survivor. I am not a natural English speaker, but I have taken a number of courses in English and this has given me the courage to work with international clients as well. Trauma is not limited to one country or one language, and working with the consequences of trauma is something that unites all survivors.

My Professional Development

“Working with Kaili has been a huge delight and a positive influence in my healing journey.  She is a compassionate and intuitive listener.  She allowed me to explore buried emotions in a safe and non-judgmental way.  Her understanding and speaking of the English language are phenomenal and I would encourage anyone to work with Kaili.”

Cathy R

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